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He certainly was flying, both physically and metaphorically, as he swooped immaculately into the cool waters of Possum Kingdom Lake.

With Gary Hunt languishing in 11th place after a sluggish start to his season, Navratil may be quietly confident of soaring to his first ever victory in eight seasons on the tour.

A young model killed in a fiery car crash last weekend had recently begun dating the younger of two brothers who died alongside her, a family member has revealed.

Bree Keller died in the early hours of last Saturday, when the 0,000 supercar she was riding in with Jeff and Steve Nasr, and their friend Joe Bagala, crashed at speed.

The fifth fracture happened when she missed her footing stepping off a boat and fell on her backside.'One of the other fractures was after picking up shopping, another just pushing a trolley along,' says Jean. And each time I went to the doctor but was told there was no problem and it would get better on its own.'The DXA scan was sufficiently worrying for me to be sent for an MRI scan a few days later and the resulting image clearly showed the five spinal fractures I'd suffered.Over in the men's event it was Navratil, nicknamed Supratil, who wowed the crowds and more importantly the judges, with two almost perfect dives from the 27.5m platform.The Czech showman, famous for his 'Superman' dives at the end of competitions, shouted "I was flying" as he emerged from the water after his second dive.This comes despite Ms Keller's mother claiming on Wednesday that she had no idea how her daughter had ended up in the car with the brothers and friend Joe Bagala. We don't know any of the people in that car except Breeana,' Mr Francis said.'She didn't know them either, so we're just at a loss – we can't believe it.' Her former boyfriend Issac Treml has been posting tributes to the blonde swimwear model throughout the week, remembering: 'The girl who loved him for his flaws'.It came as bikies on rented motorcycles, drummers and a blue Lamborghini Huracan worth 0,000 led a hearse carrying the Nasr brothers out of their funeral.

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