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And she's on her way there now."Hi, y'all, my name's Hannah Montana and it's my total pleasure to welcome each and everyone of ya today to see the stuff that Doctor Stewart and Mr Paris has gathered about me.Truly a huge bright welcome to you, ladies and gentlemen." says holo-Hannah. I'm Alison Di Laurentis, known as Ali to my friends and family.Aria has been dating Ezra for 10 months now, and only Hanna knows, but when Alison finds Aria with a pregnancy test she finds out everything! Who will open the door that holds Ezra's world inside? CONTAINS SEXUAL SCENES WITH A MOTHER AND A DAUGHTER! The aftermath of the Aria/Jenna scene at the end of their pottery class in 2x03. It belonged to a blond boy, taller than I've ever seen the girl.

Lilly never liked Miley but they will be forced to be partners on a field trip. But in the end he makes his point completely clear. Don't even read the summary if you don't want spoilers. The universe has a funny way of bringing you back to people you thought you would never see again. Rated M for future chapters)Ally is super tired from school. Minerva finds Hermione alone on the decimated Hogwarts grounds, after the final battle.

When Emily and Hanna are angry with her for the secret keeping, Spencer is left alone... She has her tiny friend Aria to comfort her, and Aria will go to amazing lengths to make Spencer happy again. With the help with his other two best friends, Austin finds the perfect gift! When Zuri has a nightmare one night, she goes to Ravi for comfort. Halloween night and Miley has nothing better to do then help Oliver go trick or treating with a bunch of 6 year olds. What will her feelings lead to, and does Oliver like her back? Even though they have not been the best of friends lately, will his mom's request help them patch their broken replationship back together better than before? "Northwestern hemisphere, North American continent, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame office in Pennsylvania." says Kim.

Ravi decides to use a method his biological mom used to help her get back to sleep. Can be considered a pre-oneshot to Wipe Your Tears Away, but can be read as a separate story, too. A tale of piggy banks and practice rooms..of why Austin hates it so much when Ally yells and how even smart girls can be stupid...starts off okay, bit drabbly and corny towards the a go? Orginally written by bookworm1999, and modified by myself. We were together for a day so it's easier to forget it. Paige arranges to meet Emily for lunch at a small outside restaurant. Can reliving your childhood memories help you see something that you never thought you had? "Captain, we're recieving a low-band subspace signal." says Ensign Harry Kim. Alison Di Laurentis hates Paige Mc Cullers sooo much. Because of the fact that Alison knows that Paige has a crush on Emily Fields and Alison don't like that 'cause she wants Emily for herself, even though that's something Alison never admit to anyone.

After finding old letters to Santa, Alex acts weird over one in particular. " , Miley grinned as she playfully smacked Lilly's arm, "No. But trust me when you see it, I doubt you'll be thinking about a brand new car."It was just the two of them alone in the classroom. You know you acted completely out of line," he drawled. There, laying on the thin sheets of wrapping paper lay a sweetheart necklace, almost identical to the one Lavender Brown had given him in sixth year. Emily is catching up with Aria during Christmas break during freshman year at college and Aria can't help but be a little curious about Emily's love life. Of course, Rikki doesn't believe that he loves her, and stays away from him. Veteran TV host Mickey Harte is surprised by the sudden visit one morning after the show by her frequent guests Hannah Montana and Lola Loftnagle. Because my Liley stories usually have no Hannah Montana in them I thought it would be fun to write one that was nothing but Hannah/Lola. " Missing scene from the episode 'You Are So Sue-able to Me.' Liley. Sexual themes, Incest, oneshot What if Alex was a demon and the only way to get her back to human/wizard form was to get her a kiss from her soulmate? AU and a prequel to Vampires & Wizards& Werewolves, Uh! Alex Russo doesn't have many run of the mill problems, so it's not surprising that she doesn't have a run of the mill knight to save the day. Rikki had learned that long before she knew either Emma or Cleo. A 7-year old Oliver invites a 7-year old Miley to stay over at his grandma's house with him. I'm from 29th century Earth, 400 years into your future." says the man.

With the help of an early Christmas present, Justin finds out exactly what Alex wanted that Christmas. "And yet you still have the audacity to look me straight in eye." Rated M for a reason! But what happens when he gets a tattoo that just might prove his love? I didn't know whether it was the joking, the tiny bit of alcohol I'd consumed, or the sense of naughtiness that made the thought so tempting - but Lilly's lips were suddenly beckoning me, enticing my curiosity... "I thought one of the perks of having friends was that you didn't have to spend New Year's Eve all alone eating Chinese takeout... Rated "M" for obvious reasons.17-year-old Lillian Truscott was pretty sure that telling her best friend about her feelings was the hardest thing she'd ever have to do. In the process of acquiring some new technology from Rico, they encounter a mysterious visitor from the future. Lilly sometimes doesn't notice things; like how her mom and Miley are spending a lot of time together. A story in which Alex dreams and a piece of glass sees right through her. But at a time like this, she was slightly doubting the honesty of that saying. Miley knows that lilly and oliver would make the perfect couple and she sets out to prove it. Probably the only story I'm going to write for this show but yeah. "Your vessel is responsible for a disaster in my century...a huge chronokinetic explosion that's going to destroy Earth's solarsystem. You must not resist.""Has it ever occurred to you...

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