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If, for example, you’ve already waited til your mid-to late twenties because you couldn’t find the right person, you’re more likely to pass up opportunities to build a life with someone who is good, but not perfect.

The greatest challenge is finding peers to date i.e.

(Answers were kept intact, and unedited.) Haven’t found the right match yet.

Once they pass on someone great it’s hard to accept something that isn’t better than someone you previously dated. Once you’ve married someone who was strong in the church and a great, upstanding person and seen them do a complete 180 (leave the church and change their values, etc) it’s scary to know if the next will do the same. There are some that just haven’t found their niche yet, but from a young age Mormons are coached to get married, so those who are smart adapt and do it.

Single and married members of the Church see the challenges facing singles in a very different way.

In a survey of Church members, singles overwhelmingly provided a few very specific answers, while the married respondents only mentioned those issues a few times, while giving very different responses.

With this disconnect is it any surprise that we, as a general church membership, struggle so much to include and help our single adults?

I hope that the following survey results and commentary will help you better understand the needs of the singles, and with that knowledge, create more effective singles programs in your area.

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