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For Watchtower to lay the blame at Candace’s parents’ door for the abuse of their child, when its own guidelines prevented Fremont elders from warning them about Kendrick, is twisted and deplorable. Well so long as it didn’t happen on a householder’s doorstep it isn’t our problem.” One thing can be said with certainty, and it is this: if this appeal fails and Candace triumphs, Watchtower can never rightly claim to have been chastened and humbled by this experience.Though wading through Watchtower’s reply brief is a draining experience, not least because I am no legal expert, I still find it revealing. You see, she wasn’t technically a congregation member anyway.” “A child was abused after field service? A review of Watchtower’s handling of this appeal shows that they have twisted and contorted testimony to suit their arguments, they have wriggled and sidestepped responsibility, they have insinuated, they have pointed fingers, and they have generally played every game in the book to escape punishment.I myself have conducted more than my fair share of field service meetings, and it always fell to me to assign partners.Obviously there was always leeway if two individuals had a prior arrangement to work together, but for the most part, partner assignments were my discretion as group overseer.

A frankly sickening aspect of Watchtower’s argumentation is their insistence that they are ‘off the hook’ because the abuse happened For Watchtower to argue in such a callous manner demonstrates a complete disregard for the insidious nature of the crime and the case itself.

True, it could well be that Kendrick asserted himself and asked to work with Candace by himself, but had I been the group overseer receiving such a request, I would have found it more than a bit suspicious – especially if I was an elder and therefore had knowledge of his molestation of his step-daughter.

And even if it was a servant taking the group who was clueless as to Kendrick’s track record, that alone is no defence because the elders should have been aware that Kendrick and Candace were in the same group and should have accordingly issued instructions for him not to be allowed to work alone with her.

In one example of this, they claim there is no “proof” of her having been assigned to go in field service with Kendrick by a Fremont elder.

The fact that three elders testified to never having personally assigned Kendrick to work with Candace is used to support this assertion.

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