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I was told by a computer shop that my hard drive needs to be replaced.

Does anyone know what may be causing this and what I can do to fix it?

I actually received the best suggestions from the Linux writers here in-house at Make Use Of.

Since Chrome OS is actually based on the Linux kernel, it then makes perfect logical sense to consider whether other Linux distributions could be useful.

They say taht they believe the operating system has been corrupted.

I am a former Network Admin and I spent 3 hours reinstalling, pulling the jumper on the system board, etc., etc.




I was finally so exasperated I called DELL in spite of the fact my PC was out of warranty.

They’re perfectly happy, they spend a lot of time together, the sex is still good.

You know the only person who sends me a Valentine’s Day card?

But you’re looking for something to do for Valentine’s Day?

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day — okay, okay, I’m out of the closet with it.

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