Are jeremy bieber and pattie mallette dating

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It looks like Patty’s taking her birthday a lot easier than her son’s this year.

Justin Bieber may lead a charmed life today, but his mother went through hell to get him here.

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When Pattie was young, she dabbled in acting and music, but when she realized her son Justin had a talent for it, she was behind him 100 percent.Gives birth to her son, Justin Drew Bieber, on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario. Pattie works part-time jobs while raising Justin on government assistance in low-income housing.A neighbor provides a year of free daycare, allowing Pattie to return to school and earn her diploma.She continues on to college, where she learns how to design websites.Age 21: Makes a promise to herself not to have sex again until she gets married (note: she never actually married Justin’s father, so she’s still waiting on her first marriage).

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