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‘I can’t speak for everybody,’ she says of her religious upbringing, ‘but I know it instilled in me a value system I still hold true.The basic “Do unto others…” – that was what was hammered into me.And I’m terrified of public speaking.’ She recalls she spent the ceremony excited to be ‘there as a witness, as I thought Rachel Weisz was going to win [she did].Then at some point during Dolly Parton’s song I turned to my boyfriend [the artist and actor Darren Le Gallo] and said, “What if I win?

‘I tried going out to clubs and that didn’t suit me at all.But in Adams’s hands she is disarming, her journey from a 2D animated character in the film’s first minutes to one who feels three-dimensional emotions – anger, attraction – is genuinely engaging. ‘I just love playing characters who are unabashedly, persistently cheerful,’ Adams says, sounding a little Giselle herself.‘It’s so much fun.’ Adams’s growing reputation is built on her skill at playing endearing innocents.‘They were a little disappointed when I stopped doing athletics to dance.’ Her ambition was to be a ballerina.Throughout her high-school years, ‘which didn’t hold a lot for me socially or academically’, she would try to scrape a C average that would permit her to continue training as an apprentice at the David Taylor Dance Company.

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    “I'm not interested in writing overtly autobiographical songs. I like the idea of the songs being evocative and distinctive, so I have in my mind the atmosphere that a film could evoke.

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